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Today 12:30

Computable analysis and games in descriptive set theory
Nobrega, H (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Isaac Newton Institute Seminar Series

Today 13:00

Reflection Symmetry in Higher Dimensional Black Hole Spacetimes
Josh Schiffrin, DAMTP
DAMTP Friday GR Seminar

Today 14:40

Saturated Boolean Ultrapowers
Parente, F (University of East Anglia)
Isaac Newton Institute Seminar Series

Today 15:00

Deformations of asymptotically cylindrical Cayley submanifolds
Matthias Ohst
Junior Geometry Seminar

Today 15:00

Minimal and invariable generation of finite groups and a conjecture of Pyber
Gareth Tracey, University of Warwick
Junior Algebra/Logic/Number Theory seminar

Today 15:50

Uncountably many maximal-closed subgroups of Sym(N) via reducts of Henson digraphs
Agarwal, L (University of Leeds)
Isaac Newton Institute Seminar Series