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Centre for Mathematical Sciences

Charles N. Corfield
The Dill Faulkes Educational Trust
Märit and Hans Rausing Foundation
Garfield Weston Foundation
Wolfson Foundation
Cambridge University Press
Anonymous benefactor
Cambridge Colleges

In addition, a donation from Dr and Mrs Gordon Moore makes possible the building of the library,


Charles N. Corfield

Charles "Nick" Corfield graduated from Cambridge with a mathematics degree in 1982. He moved to California where, in 1985, he founded Frame Technology Corporation. The company's flagship product, FrameMaker, became the market leader in technical publishing. He sold Frame to Adobe Systems in 1995. Nick Corfield was the first major donor to the Centre for Mathematical Sciences and he has continued to be very generous to it.

The Dill Faulkes Educational Trust

Dr M C (Dill) Faulkes studied General Relativity at London University before joining Logica. He started his own mergers and acquisitions business in New York and now funds and develops start-up software businesses. The Dill Faulkes Educational Trust has made a donation to the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, to finance construction of the Gatehouse, and together with further support from Nick Corfield it has made possible the construction of the Faulkes Institute for Geometry.

The Märit and Hans Rausing Charitable Foundation

The Foundation's gift is for the Märit and Hans Rausing Building. This provides accommodation for Theoretical Physics, including Professor Stephen Hawking and his research group. Swedish-born Hans Rausing was Managing Director and later Chairman of the Tetra Laval Group for nearly 37 years.

The Garfield Weston Foundation

In 1989 The Garfield Weston Foundation became the first major benefactor to the University's newly launched development campaign. Canadian-born Garfield Weston was educated at the universities of Oxford and Harvard. He has been the Chairman of Associated British Foods plc since 1967.

The Wolfson Foundation

Lord Wolfson and The Wolfson Foundation have been major benefactors to the University of Cambridge and to many Cambridge Colleges for forty years. Their grant is for the Central Core Teaching Area.

Dr Gordon E Moore

Dr Moore is the Chairman Emeritus of Intel Corporation, which he co-founded in 1968. In the mid 1960s, while director of development at Fairchild Semiconductor, he made astonishingly accurate predictions about the growth of computing power, which together became known as Moore's Law.