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Some Cambridge Mathematicians

The following are links to biographies of some of the mathematicians who graduated from or worked at Cambridge. The biographies are part of the History of Mathematics Archives at St. Andrew's University.

Frank Adams, Atwood, Babbage, Baker, Ball, Barrow, Bateman, Besicovitch, Bochner, Born, Briggs, Bromwich, Bronowski, Brown, Burkill, Burnside, Cartwright, Cayley, Chandrasekhar, Chapman, Chrystal, Clarke, Clifford, Cochran, Collingwood, Cotes, Coxeter, Cunningham, Darwin, Davenport, Dee, Dirac, Dixon, Eddington, Fisher, Forsyth, Fox, Glaisher, Goldstein, Goodstein, Green, Duncan Gregory, Marshall Hall, Hamill, Hardy, Harish-Chandra, Hartley, Hartree, Heath, Herschel, Hirsch, Hobson, Hodge, Hopkins, Ingham, Jeans, Jeffreys, Johnson, Jourdain, Kempe, Keynes, Kober, Lamb, Larmor, Leech, Levinson, Dudley Littlewood, Love, Macintyre, Maseres, Maskelyne, Mathews, Maxwell, Milne, Mordell, De Morgan, Newman, Newton, Oughtred, Pars, Peacock, Pearson, Pell, Penney, Pratt, Richard Rado, Ramanujan, Ramsey, Rayleigh, Reynolds, Richardson, Roth, Routh, Russell, Scott, Semple, Stewartson, Stokes, Sylvester, Talbot, Taussky-Todd, Temple, Thomson, Todd, Todhunter, Turnbull, du Val, Venn, Waring, Henry Watson, Whiston, Alfred Whitehead, Whittaker, Norbert Wiener, Wiles, Wilkinson, Wilks, Wittgenstein, Woodhouse, Chisholm Young, Yule


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