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Centre for Mathematical Sciences

Description of our project on the new web site of Edward Cullinan Architects

Photo: Rob Lasham

After the opening of pavilion E, the Faulkes Institute for Geometry, Dr Dill Faulkes (right) celebrates with Nick Corfield, whose name will appear on pavilions G and H when they have been completed later this year

Photo: Nigel Luckhurst

The Faulkes Institute for Geometry was completed in January 2002.
The Betty and Gordon Moore Library
opened on 1 October. See how it grew.
Photo: Louise Hall (July 2002).
Barry Uscinski was the pilot.

Staff and students in our main common room
The Faulkes Gatehouse in June 2001, just before it opened



Click HERE for a plan of the site and HERE for a map showing where it is.

Our postal address is

Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Wilberforce Road
Cambridge CB3 0WA

Click HERE for the archive of webcam pictures of the buildings as they were being constructed.

A warm thank you to those who contributed to the David Crighton Fund. There are some superb CDs of a concert given in David's memory: click here for details
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Centre for Mathematical Sciences


"Cambridge's Faculty of Mathematics educates the largest and most able body of undergraduate and graduate students in the United Kingdom. It also houses the highest concentration of internationally acclaimed academics in the world. These are the people at the forefront of mathematical endeavour.

Owing to increasing student numbers and overcrowded facilities, we now urgently need to relocate our mathematicians to a modern site. A space worthy of their international acclaim, which will also enhance and enrich mathematics world wide. This has the highest priority."

Professor Sir Alec Broers
University of Cambridge

The new Centre will comprise:

Together, these will form a concentration of mathematical expertise on one site which will be unequalled for its strength and quality across the whole spectrum of the mathematical sciences anywhere in the world.

The site is also home to the University's new

which is one of the world's major libraries for the physical sciences, technology and mathematics.


Latest news about the project and the fundraising

Please send any comments or questions to Professor Peter Landshoff,