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Centre for Mathematical Sciences


The Nature of Cambridge, the Site and their Connections.

Edge of historic core Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Late 19th and early 20th century suburbia 20th century collegiate and academic
19th century collegiate The backs

The plan above shows the site in the context of Cambridge's central area and western expansion.

It distinguishes the historic core of connected courts from the green ribbon of the Backs and from 19th Century western expansion (Newnham and Selwyn Colleges for example). It then shows 20th Century western expansion of University Academic and College buildings, and the development of late 19th and 20th Century suburbia. Most importantly it shows the significance of the Maths Site within this western expansion and how connected it will be to the historic core in the east, to the University's West Cambridge development and to neighbouring academic buildings, the University Library and the Sidgwick Site. The position of the site augurs well for the proposed buildings to become a new hub in a growing University, and this will be important for the master plan.

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