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Today there is a tendency to "respond to the surroundings" by designing new buildings in a pseudo Edwardian manner. But we do not feel that the surroundings in this area of Cambridge warrant that approach at all. When Cambridge expanded westwards into new suburbs during the late 19th and the early 20th Century; it did so with architecture which was often individualistic, seldom repeated, sometimes of a high standard and even experimental for its time. So on this page we show some pictures of very good houses in this area; Arts and Crafts houses, white period houses, post war "contemporary" houses, and some pictures of the mostly painted "Moderne" houses from the Thirties in Clarkson Road, beside the site. So, while respecting the scale and "grain" of the site's surroundings we feel no need to mimic the style of any of its neighbours. Instead we feel challenged by the quality and the uniqueness of some of them to seek a new architecture from elsewhere.